Here at City Window Tint in Killeen, we use only the best….Llumar.
All of our tint is precision cut by a plotter with the most up-to-date info provided by Llumar.

Llumar’s parent company originated in 1955.
They’ve continued to exceed market and consumer expectations.
Not only is it the best quality film available, Llumar carries a Nationwide Lifetime Warranty

Llumar’s Nationwide Lifetime Warranty – Overview
*This info is also listed on your warranty card that you receive with your receipt.
*Please keep them together or your warranty may not be valid. 

  • It covers everything except if the window breaks or if you scratch it.
  • Bubbling, peeling, and discoloration are all covered in the warranty.
If you are in need of a warranty repair, please bring it back to the shop.
If you are out of town, please call the 800# listed on your warranty card and Llumar will direct you to the nearest dealer.


In order for your warranty to remain intact, you must follow the following instructions.
*This info is also listed on your warranty card and the representative/installer will go over it with you in person. 

  • Do Not Roll Down Your Windows for 3-5 Days when it’s warm or 5-7 Days when it’s cold.
  • Do Not Attempt to Push Out Any Bubbles You May See, Bring it to the Shop.
  • Do Not Use Your Rear Defroster for a Minimum of Two Weeks.
  • Do Not Clean the Inside of the Window with Anything that has Ammonia, Alcohol, or like substance.

            -Most window cleaners will say “Tint Safe” on the bottle. 


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